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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can Windsong Acres accommodate?

For most events, the answer is approximately 200 people.  We have three popular outdoor settings that would seat even more than 200 people, but in case the weather does not cooperate for you, our largest indoor option with heating and air-conditioning will hold up to 200 people.  There are also various locations where you could add a rental tent for more capacity.


For a wedding or other event inside the Scale House (the smaller of our two heated/air-conditioned buildings), up to 60 people can be seated at tables including the loft, or approximately 70 could be seated in rows without tables for a wedding ceremony.

Do I need to rent a tent, tables, chairs, or porta potties?

We have enough tables and indoor chairs for up to 200 people.  If you want outdoor chairs for a wedding, you should rent those as ours are not made for outdoor use.   Most of our tables are white heavy duty plastic rectangular 8' banquet tables, and could be used indoors or outdoors, with or without any tablecloths that you provide.  There are additional antique tables and chairs in the Scale House that will seat up to 60 people.  The Scale House includes one public restroom, and the Wedding Barn includes two more public restrooms.  If desired, you can rent additional porta potties from other vendors, or we can put it all together for you in one package and handle those details if you prefer.

Do you have a sound system?

The big building has a nice built-in sound system that can easily be plugged into your phone.  You can then play any music you would like from your playlist.  The same system can be used by musicians if they prefer not to bring their own equipment.  We have three cordless microphones that can be used by the officiant and/or singers for indoor weddings.  DJ's often bring their own equipment for receptions.  Although we are planning to add one soon, at this time, we do not have a sound system for an outdoor wedding.  In the meantime, we have found that many DJ's will provide that service.    

What are our food options?

You can choose any caterer you would like--we have had many caterers serve here from all over the area.  You (or your caterer) may also grill out, and some people just order out for food or bring in their own food (we do not do any catering ourselves).  Both of our primary buildings have kitchenettes with hot/cold city water, microwave ovens, plenty of space, and extra electric circuits so caterers can use several large warmers along the countertop.  We have a small refrigerator in the Scale House, and two refrigerator/freezers you can use in the Wedding Barn.  For your event we provide trash cans, a supply of trash bags, and a dumpster.

Are the facilities handicapped accessible?

Yes.  The Wedding Barn includes a concrete area to make wheelchair access easier, and the main floor plus the kitchenette and both restrooms are on that level.  The rest of the property includes gravel driveways and parking areas as well as lawn areas, which can be driven on when the ground is firm.  We have a wheelchair ramp we can attach to the front steps of the Scale House, and vehicles can drop off guests immediately in front of the Scale House porch except when the ground is snowy or muddy.   The restroom in the Scale House is on the first floor; but since the doorway to it (between two large old beams) is narrow, we may need to make alternative arrangements for guests with wide wheelchairs.  Inquire in advance if possible about any accessibility issues.

Do you allow alcohol at Windsong Acres?

Yes, providing that there are careful plans in place for the responsible use of alcohol at your event. First, our services are limited to renting you the use of our facilities; we do not serve either food or alcohol, and therefore you need to arrange for that with other vendors who are licensed to do so.  If you choose to serve alcohol to your guests, there are three important factors which we hope you will want to consider no matter where you choose to celebrate. 


First, it is important that you assure that no underage person will be able to gain access to alcohol.  Hiring a professional bartender, whose license depends on obeying the law, is one way to do this. 


Second, because we are some distance from the nearest hotel or taxi service, we would like for you to have arranged transportation options for your guests so they do not drive after they have consumed alcohol. Some past events have identified designated drivers, or hired buses to transport their guests.  To support you in this, we are glad for anyone to leave their automobiles parked here overnight and come get them the next day.  


Third, you will need to provide our insurance agent a copy of a one-day insurance liability policy that covers Windsong Acres and yourself.  These policies are common and can sometimes be obtained for free or at low cost as an extension of your own homeowner's policy, but if not, our insurance agent has a low cost plan that he can write for you.

Finally, depending on the size of your event and your particular plans, Windsong Acres may ask for a damage deposit in advance to offset any possible damage to the property or excessive cleanup cost.  

Please discuss the details of your event with us in advance, and we can work out the most reasonable and responsible plans to assure the safety and enjoyment of your guests.


Are there Smoking Areas provided at Windsong Acres?

Yes, we have a designated smoking area where it is safe to smoke without concern for other guests, or  the barns or other buildings.  We have sand buckets available for cigarette butts, so our grounds stay clean and nice for future guests.

How much does it cost to rent Windsong Acres and what is the deposit?

Bridal or Baby Showers are $200 for the Scale House, or $250 for the Wedding Barn, typically paid when the date is reserved.  There is a possibility that another group or event may overlap in the other building.  While here, your group is welcome to explore the grounds and the other building if it is not occupied.  When possible, you will have the option to set up the day before.

Special Events (corporate dinners, class reunions, anniversary celebrations, etc.) will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the approximate number of people, the season of the year, and the duration and type of event. Cost ranges from $250-500 for a one-day event, and when possible, includes the option to set up the day before.  



We offer four options, depending on whether you are planning the weekend of a lifetime or you prefer something simple yet memorable.  Our weekend packages give you four days--besides the standard Friday/Saturday, we also give you Thursday and Sunday so you will have lots of prep time and less stress!  Read on:

1) A Wedding Plus Reception Weekend Package

This is our premium package and best value!  You will have four days to use all of our facilities for up to 200 guests for your entire wedding weekend!  This gives you many options and maximum flexibility, and lots of extra prep time.  With this package, you could have all your events in one place, including your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and even a Sunday brunch and gift opening if you'd like!  Plan for the wedding parties to get ready here in our two picturesque wedding lofts.  And, from your engagement photos to your wedding day photography, enjoy the many scenic opportunities on our grounds.  The Wedding Plus Reception Weekend Package is $3500.


2) A Wedding Weekend Package

This package also includes four days--Thursday through Sunday until noon, to give you plenty of set up and clean up time.  You will have the use of all the buildings and grounds for all of your events EXCEPT the Reception.  The Wedding Weekend Package is $2000.


3) A Reception Only Weekend Package

The Reception Only Weekend Package assumes you will be having all of your wedding events elsewhere, but you want to come here for your reception (and photos too if you would like!).  This package also includes four days--Thursday through Sunday until noon, to give you plenty of set up and clean up time.  You will have the use of all the buildings and grounds for up to 200 guests.  The Reception Only Weekend Package is $3000.

4)  A Short and Simple Wedding Day  


This is a no-frills wedding ceremony for a small group, typically fewer than 25 people, all within a half-day time frame (maximum 6 hours).  If you are wanting to "just get married," and skip the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, big wedding, major advance decorations, and big reception, this might be a good option for you.  You can still have all the photos you'd like here, and it may include a sit-down meal afterward with light beverages, cake, presents, and general celebration with those closest to you.  (This is different from a "reception" featuring a DJ, dancing, late hours, etc.)  If this type of single-day event is held on a Sunday-Thursday, the rental fee would be $500 for up to 25 people, or $1000 from 25-100 guests. 


If you wish to get married in the next three months, you can schedule a half day on a Friday or Saturday if we still have an available date within that time frame. Prices are same as above.

How Much is the Deposit?  Is the Deposit Refundable?

Although we will "hold" a wedding date for you for approximately 2 weeks for free as a courtesy while you are looking at other venues, a deposit of $500 is required to reserve a wedding date.  The deposit is applied to your total and becomes non-refundable twelve months before your wedding date.  Six months before your wedding date, half of the remaining balance (after the deposit) is due.  One month before your wedding date, the entire balance is due in full.  All payments received by Windsong Acres, except deposits that have become non-refundable, may be refunded upon cancellation for any reason.

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