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Directions to Windsong Acres

Note:  GPS might take you on a long gravel road...instead, follow these easy directions:

Approaching Camp Point from the West (Quincy):


1. When you come into Camp Point on Highway 24, turn LEFT (north) at the first gas station you come to (Fast Stop / Korner Kwik Stop) onto Main Street.   


2.  From the RR tracks, go 2 miles north on Main St. (also known as Cannonball Road, headed toward Bowen).  Watch for a small blue & white sign on the right side of the road that says, "Windsong Acres."  As the sign instructs, turn RIGHT (east) on County Road 2150 (small green street sign).

3.  Go one mile on County road 2150 to the four-way stop sign.  Another blue & white sign instructs you to turn RIGHT on 2400th Street (gravel road).  Then go south on the gravel road just 1/4 mile.  Windsong Acres is the first place on your right.  

Approaching Camp Point from the East (Mt. Sterling):

1.  When you approach Camp Point on Highway 24 from Mt. Sterling/Clayton, turn RIGHT on Highway 94 (toward Central High School).  Go approximately 2 miles.

2.  A short distance after you pass Central High School, watch for a blue & white "Windsong Acres" sign on the left side of the road.  As the sign instructs, turn LEFT there on County Road 2150, and go one mile to the four-way stop sign.

3.  At the stop sign, you will see another blue & white sign that instructs you to turn LEFT (south) onto 2400th Street (gravel road).  Go 1/4 mile south on the gravel road.   Windsong Acres is the first place on your right. 


  • Please park at angles on either side of the driveway, or in the gravel parking lot just north of the driveway.

  • When the ground is solid, there is also a grass two-acre parking lot marked by a blue and white sign on the gravel road along the south side of the property.  

  • Those who need to let guests off at the door may drive right up to the concrete in front of the big building, or drive on firm ground back to the entrance of the Scale House front porch.


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