Q:  What are our food options?

You can choose any caterer you would like, order out for food, or bring in your own food (we do not do any catering ourselves).  We are happy to recommend some of the excellent caterers we know.  

Q:  Are the facilities handicapped accessible?

Yes.  We have a wheelchair ramp we can attach to the front steps of the Scale House, and vehicles can drop off guests immediately in front of the Scale House porch except in extremely snowy or muddy ground.   The restroom in the Scale House is on the first floor; but since the doorway is narrow, we may need to make alternative arrangements for guests with wide wheelchairs.  Inquire in advance if possible about any accessibility issues.

Q:  Do you allow alcohol at Windsong Acres?

Windsong Acres features two barns that are more than a century old--one may soon be on the National Register of Historic Places.  In addition, the barns are filled with antique and breakable items, plus it is difficult to clean spilled beer from old wood plank floors. These factors, along with strict recent changes in liability laws for homeowners enacted in January 2013 make Windsong Acres a less-than-desirable location for receptions where alcohol is served throughout the evening.  

We do allow guests to bring wine or champagne for consumption with a sit-down meal (such as a rehearsal dinner or reception dinner).  We understand that many couples wish to provide their guests with an open bar throughout the reception, and we are happy to put together a package deal with one of the nearby locations that have liquor licenses and host wedding receptions.

Q:  Are there Smoking Areas provided at Windsong Acres?

Yes, we have a designated smoking area where it is safe to smoke without concern for other guests, or  the barns or other buildings.

Q:  How much does it cost to rent Windsong Acres?

The rate for weddings varies according to number of people and other details unique to your special day.  Once we know more about your specific plans, we will give you a rate quote.  

A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a wedding date; the deposit is applied to your total, and is refundable upon cancellation for any reason up to 60 days before the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many people can Windsong Acres accommodate?

For an outdoor wedding, parking is the only limitation, and there is parking for approximately 250-300 people.

For a wedding inside the Scale House, up to 75 people can be seated at tables; a few more could be seated in rows without tables for a ceremony without an indoor meal.

There is room next to the Scale House for large tents up to 40' x 80' (see photo above).

Q:  Do I need to rent a tent, tables, chairs, or portapotties?

We have numerous tables and at least 50 chairs for use inside the Scale House.  If you would like a tent (with or without dance floor), outside tables and chairs, or portapotties, those must be rented from other vendors, or we can put it all together for you in one package and handle those details if you prefer.

Q:  Do you have a sound system?

We do have a sound system you can utilize for music inside the Scale House, but we do not have a public address system at this time.  For small weddings it is not likely to be needed, but for large weddings, some DJ's will provide their sound system for the wedding ceremony if you do not have other options.   In addition, Windsong Acres may add an indoor/outdoor PA system in the near future that our guests can use without charge.