Shelly Rasche, Freelance Commercial Artist

Over the past 30 years, the artwork of Shelly Rasche has appeared on thousands of items around the world, including greeting cards, prints, children's books, clothing, fabric, counted cross stitch designs, yard flags, Christmas ornaments, music boxes, mugs, tins, kitchen items, and much more.  

Shelly's artwork is represented by art agents at Art Licensing, International, based in Vermont.  They market her designs to companies all over the world, and the companies then "rent" her artwork for a specified period of time and geographical region for use on a specific commercial product.  For example, one design might be "rented" in North America by one company to make puzzles and another to make fabric, leaving the opportunity open for a third company to buy the rights to make puzzles or fabric (or any other product) from the same design to sell in another part of the world.

For more info, you can visit her website at, or her agent's website at  Better yet, if you are in the area, come to Windsong Acres and see her work in person!

The Scale House...a Working Art Studio

The Rasches originally renovated the Scale House at Windsong Acres so it could be used as Shelly's Art Studio...a fact that is evident from the "Art Studio" mosaic in the floor of the entryway, or the designs on the glass of the entrance doorway.

Most public or private events take place in the evening, but many days Shelly can be found creating more artwork at her desk in the back addition to the Scale House.  When you visit, it is o.k. to "take a peek" at her latest project and the various sketches laying around her desk waiting for their turn to "come to life."

Shelly's designs are displayed throughout the building, and a small selection of commercial products made from her designs are available to the public to purchase in her studio area.  

Where Can I Find Shelly's Artwork?

Signed prints of Shelly's artwork are for sale in the Scale House, along with various commercial products that bear her designs (those are product samples Shelly receives from companies as part of their contract).

​Some have asked about buying original artwork from Shelly, but it is rare for Shelly's originals to be offered for sale.  The reason is that they are potentially useful to companies for future projects, and she wants to have the original available if needed by a client.  

However, you can do an internet search for "Shelly Rasche" and see a long list of gifts and other items and prints of her artwork for sale by individuals and companies. 

It is tricky to find Shelly's artwork in stores because there is so much merchandise out there that even when you know what specific item to look for, it can be difficult to locate.  On the other hand, every year we have at least one or two relatives tell us that they received a Christmas card, and noticed later that it was designed by Shelly!  

Still, at any given time, Shelly's artwork may be found on products found in a wide variety of stores around the world.  In Central Illinois, products bearing her designs are most likely to be found in Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart (and other mass market stores), Christian or secular book stores, fabric stores, and gift shops.  Somewhere on the product it will have the copyright notice including, "Shelly Rasche/Art Licensing" or "Shelly Rasche/Applejack Art Partners" (her agency changed it's name recently).