Classes are usually weekly for a month (4 sessions) on weeknights, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Absences can be made up later.

Bring two pieces of stained glass with you to first class. Cost for materials is not significant.

Class fee of $75 covers all four 2 hour classes.  Students can rent beginner tools for $25 with option to purchase later ($50 more)

The entrance to the Scale House at Windsong Acres features five stained glass windows by artist Shelly Rasche.  Many find the Scale House an inspiring place to learn.  

Even if you are not an "artist," you CAN create beautiful designs and gifts with Stained Glass!

We offer beginner and advanced classes, plenty of personal instruction, a peaceful "get away," and plenty of fun in the process!  Why not grab a friend and give it a try?   

Details & Info

Stained Glass Classes

Children's Art Classes

Offered in Early Summer

Shelly Rasche offers.a four-week art class to a limited number of grade-school age children each summer, usually in June.

During the 45 minute classes, parents can wait at Windsong Acres and enjoy the grounds or relax on the porches.  Classes encourage creativity using a variety of media, and cultivate a love of art.  Watch for info in the Spring, or hold your child's place by calling 217-257-9940 or contacting Shelly.

Some Student Stained Glass Projects



Advanced classes are offered for students who wish to continue for an additional fo​ur weeks.

Class sizes are small to allow for lots of instruction time.  Inquire about the next class being offered by calling 217-257-9940 or inquire:

KHQA's Kristen Aguirre Reported on Windsong Acres Stained Glass Classes